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May 14, 2021 at 2-4:30pm ET  • Virtual Event


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DeW Learning Crew Event on May 14, 2021

DeW hosts quarterly virtual events focused on personal development, professional development, and connection! Featuring two keynote speakers and breakout sessions, followed by a virtual happy hour to connect with your DeW community!


Pulpdent supports the mission of Dental Entrepreneur Woman to empower all women in dentistry. As a leading researcher and manufacturer of dental products, Pulpdent is inspired by the women of the dental industry who are boldly moving our profession forward. Click here to learn more about Pulpdent.

Conjuring Your Courage

By Dr. Joy D. Void-Holmes


One of my superpowers is my ability to look fear dead in the face and say, “I don't have time for this BS today” and go for it. I simply don't have a choice if I want to continue to dominate as a DeW. How do I do it you may ask. Join me as I discuss how I conjure up my own courage and help you discover how to conjure up your own. 

Dr. Joy. D. Void-Holmes affectionately known as Dr. Joy, is a passionate and zestful servant who truly believes in the power of Confidence and Courage

Breaking it down, strengths style... She is an Achiever, She takes Command, She is Strategic, She is an Arranger and She is undoubtedly Self-Assured.

Educator, writer, researcher, CEO, dental hygienist, wife, mother … She’s a Whole Vibe.

Believing in the Value of Your Offer 

By Anita Sirianni, RDH


Asking for an order or defending the price of your product can sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable. This is a sign your relationship with your offer is weak or needs a ‘tune up’.

Join us as we discover how to eliminate limiting thoughts about price and the value of your offer. 

Anita M. Sirianni, RDH left private practice as a licensed dental hygienist years ago…but her passion for the dental industry is stronger than ever!

Anita has coached dental manufacturers and distributor sales teams for over two decades. 

As founder of The Dental Industry Insider SALES SCHOOL, Anita helps dental entrepreneurs to increase sales one smile at a time.


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